Most metal roofing materials come in multi-shingle sections or in sheets. If your roof is stripped off and a storm is on the way, shortening the process by a day or two may prove to be a critical advantage. You can also buy single metal shingles that are relatively easy- though time intensive- to install. Unlike three-tab asphalt shingles, each piece must be individually placed and nailed

    Because metal roofs are noncombustible, they’re given a Class A fire rating (most resistant). Part of a roof’s classification depends on materials beneath the surface that could ignite in intense heat, so some metal roofs applied over and old combustible roof, such as wood shingles, may be rated lower. Metal roofs also lower your home insurance bill due to them standing up to high winds and being fire resistant.

    Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimizing mid-day heat gain. Though the material itself is low in insulation R-value, many systems utilize a dead air space between the metal roof deck to increase energy efficiency. Many homeowners report and average of a 20% energy savings.

A metal roof can decrease your insurance premium. In some states, like Texas, a metal roof may lower your homeowner's insurance by as much as as 35%.There is also a Government Tax credit (not just a deduction, credit reduces the direct tax amount you have to pay) available to homeowners who obtain a qualifying metal roof for their house.


If energy efficiency, tax rebates, and longest life expectancy isn't enough, read below

Why 3 in every 10 Texans Now Installs a Metal Roof

• Over 30 colors of Standing Seam Metal Roofs Available
• Now Available in Metal Shingle.
• Won't discolor due to mold and mildew like traditional asphalt
• Always "green" and beautiful metal roofing will last a lifetime

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